Winners of the App Competition

The evaluation procedure of the proposals submitted by innovators across Europe for the Privacy via IT Security App Competition of the MAPPING Project has finished and we are pleased to announce the three winners of the MAPPING App Competition:

1st place



A collaboration between the Secure Systems Group at Aalto University and the System Security Lab at Technische Universität Darmstadt

The App:

How secure is your data in the cloud? To mitigate the risks of a cloud data breach or insider threat, various solutions encrypt data on-device before uploading it. But then how do you decrypt this data on a different device or share it with a friend? Deriving keys from the user's password is insecure. OmniShare solves this problem by combining strong client-side encryption with secure yet intuitive key distribution mechanisms. Secure cloud storage just became usable!

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2nd place

MIA - My Identity App


200 years of experience have made OeSD the reliable partner needed by every country to produce high security ID solutions.

The App:

MIA is you in one app - all governmental ID information in one spot. MIA combines digital representations of classic “offline-documents” and electronic identities (eID) for transparent use in the physical and digital world. MIA focuses on building security into its processes rather than hardware like secure elements - thus providing the indispensable possibility for non-geek broad adoption for an accepted and used ID-system.

3rd place

CloudRAID for iOS


The Hasso Plattner (HPI) at the University of Potsdam is Germany’s university excellence center for IT-Systems Engineering.

The App:

„CloudRAID for iOS” aims to be a trustworthy, transparently designed app for all iOS devices. It utilizes the large amount of affordable storage resources in clouds to store private or confidential data of end users. Therefore, the cryptographic keys always remain on the device. Hence, neither storage providers nor our meta data server is capable of reading any file contents. The meta data server’s role is synchronization across multiple devices or sharing with other users of the system.
The technical core is based on strong hybrid encryption, i.e. file contents are encrypted symmetrically and encryption keys are protected by asymmetric encryption. In addition, the distribution of the fragmented file across a hybrid cloud setup enhances all major data security aspects dramatically: confidentiality, availability, and integrity. Each cloud storage provider will only preserve part of the original file and the software can chose a subset of the fragments for reconstruction.

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