Background, Scope & Objectives

The Background, Scope and Objectives


This Competition is part of work package 5 ‘Privacy, Personality and Business Models’ of the MAPPING Project (, which is being funded by the European Union under Framework Program 7. The MAPPING Project frames research activities in the field of internet governance, and seeks to i.a. identify future, privacy-friendly solutions for personal data use and personal data protection. A major outcome of the research conducted under work package 5 to this point has been that 

  • The increasing use of mobile devices, the increasing need for constant availability of personal data online and the increasing need to provide/exchange personal data to take advantage of innovative services and to continue to participate in changing social and technological cultures have led to a particular exposure of personal data;
  • Law alone as an isolated tool has so far not achieved to provide an adequate remedy to threats arising from this new level of exposure of personal data;
  • The most promising approach to providing such adequate remedies to such threats arising in an online environment, the development of which is primarily driven by economic and technological development, appears to be to support the market entry and spread of tools to leverage the level of trust and information security.

These findings constitute the starting point of this competition.

Scope & Objectives

This competition addresses the need of society to face new threats and exposure of their personal data, through innovative IT security tools, which enhance integrity, authenticity and confidentiality of personal data in mobile and online environments. The competition shall eventually result in deployment into the market of at least three applications that provide significant benefit with regard to user security and privacy, when accessing one or more online services. The competition shall likewise encourage development of other beneficial applications and supporting infrastructure services in three environments: mobile (smartphone, tablet), web and non-web.Through this, the resulting tools as well as the competition itself, shall promote EU foundational values, shall raise the profile of MAPPING and related EU projects, and hopefully will increase the interest in the MAPPING project and its fields of study.